You are 100% unique; why isn’t some of your jewelry this unique also? Each one of our 95% silver rings* is totally adjustable, to conform and melt to the shape of your finger. When you own a piece of Kro-Gu jewelry, you are making a statement: “I am one of a kind.” Break free from the world of mainstream jewelry. Shatter expectations. You may get as dressed-up as possible, with a stylish, shiny ring. Or, you could step out into the world, with jeans, a T-shirt, adorned with an astonishing ring. Never again will you have to worry about somebody having the same jewelry as you. You can be entirely yourself. That is what we are all about here at Kro-Gu.


*Our Silver is more concentrated than Sterling Silver, to get more flexibility, since Silver is such a soft and malleable metal. Our Silver requires .950 millesimal fineness, whereas Sterling is typically .925 millesimal fineness.

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